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Silk Button-Down Bra

Silk Button-Down Bra

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Back sexy upgrade.Stylish high appearance level bra with a button-back front.
Smooth surface no trace,all lap gathering,no steel ring.
Triangular back, show the curve of the back.
Selected fashion embroidery pattern lace, beautiful and delicate with a variety of backless clothing, the United States sexy back upgrade.
100% mulberry silk inside.The cover is 100% mulberry silk.
The porous silk fibers allow the chest to breathe freely.
70G silk double-sided ultra-comfortable fabric to double the care of delicate skin.



Clothes & Night Cap,Scarf

  • Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron; or dry clean.
  • JINSANT silk detergent recommended

Underwear,Bra & FaceMasks, Eye Masks, Hair Band,Scrunchie

  • Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron; do not dry clean.
  • JINSANT silk detergent or Neutral detergent (PH Vaule≈7)     recommended.
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