• Weaving authenticity with sincerity
    Let every piece of silk clothing bring you in true enjoyment
    Bring health and comfort to more people Fashionable silk’s home life experience

Brand History

  • Jinsant, originated from the areas south of the Yangtze River and the local culture.

    Jinsant is the transliterating of the three golden pagoda.The three pagoda is a unique landmark of the Kashing city, which is located at the west of Kashing city and near by the Grand Canal in the areas south of
    the Yangtze River. The three pagoda has
    played the role of a navigational beacon,
    and although it has gone through a thousand years of history and still stands firm today.

  • Sericulture civilization,a thousand years of history

    Kashing has the historical and cultural
    heritage, it is the important
    birthplaces of the areas south of the Yangtze
    River’s culture and the important
    producing areas of China's silkindustry.
    It has a long history of silk industry
    and exquisite silk manufacturing skills

  • A century-old brand that pioneered silk knitting technology

    Jinsant brand started in 1926 and has a
    history of nearly a hundred years.
    We pioneered the silk knitting technology
    that improve the ductility and elasticity of silk fabric,
    make the fabric more soft and breathable,
    and make the wearing experience
    more comfortable and gentle.

Brand Core

Nowadays, Jinsant focuses on pure silk,

taking "authenticity" as the core of the brand

Constructing the four dimensions of

reality | authenticity | true feelings | true beauty

The link of brands and consumers, interpret silk stories,

and build real happiness

High Quality Silk Materials It is the core product of Jinsant

We insist on using silk as raw materials , using environmentally friendly dyes, and using skin-friendly and beautiful silk home products to bring consumers a fashionable and comfortable silk’s home life experience. 

True Beauty & Jinsant’s fashion attitude

Product design is based on modern aesthetics and re-examines traditional elements.Inherit and carry forward the high-quality lifestyle , and let the traditional beauty return to the lives of people in a new attitude.

The Real Stuff It's the power and responsibility of the Jinsant

We are pioneered the silk knitting technology  in the country.
In October 1976, Jinsant jointly developed the mulberry silk knitting machine Z201.
The success of the development of this machine has made a breakthrough in the research and development of silk knitting fabrics, and then successfully developed a series of silk knitting products. 

True love and sincerity JinSanta’s personality and behavior

The merchant emphasizes the importance of being eco-friendly and sustainable. They mention removing the dress insert folding cardboard, which can save at least 500 trees and 4,000 tons of wastewater each year. They also mention using bio-degradable outer packaging bags, loops, and tape. The merchant aims to carry forward this concept from raw material to packaging to reduce the burden on the environment.

Physical Stores

We believe that returning to nature and true self is the 

better way to enjoy the beauty of life and have real happiness.

Truth, is not only the brand philosophy of Jinsant , but also our attitude to life; True, is silk, extracted from nature, and then woven into natural’s warp and weft, beautiful and true quality; True, is the beginning of the heart, is experienced the road to the world, keep the simple naive;
Truth is self-recognition; It's the care and true genuineness for others.

Jinsant, weaving true quality with sincerity, so that every piece of 

silk clothing will bring you to the real enjoyment.