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Bulls Print Silk Charmeuse Square Scarf

Bulls Print Silk Charmeuse Square Scarf

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Abstract painting, panoramic view of the city.This is a vibrant abstract oil painting. This painting is full of depictions of the city scene, making people feel the vitality and prosperity of the city.

The colors in the painting are bright and various shapes are intertwined, forming a unique aesthetic feeling. The use of red, blue, green, yellow and other colors makes the picture more vivid.

The buildings, trees and other elements in the picture are full of life, as if to show people the unique charm of the city. The combination of these shapes and colors gives people a unique atmosphere, as if they are in the city.

This painting is a large silk printed square with a size of 88 by 88cm, which is perfect for decoration on the sofa, bedside or office wall. It can not only bring the enjoyment of beauty, but also add a unique artistic atmosphere to the living space.
Let's decorate our life with art and feel this unique city style!

  • 100% grade 6A mulberry silk
  • Print Design
  • Ready To Be Used As A Gift
  • 88*88CM
  • Hand wash


Clothes & Night Cap,Scarf

  • Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron; or dry clean.
  • JINSANT silk detergent recommended

Underwear,Bra & FaceMasks, Eye Masks, Hair Band,Scrunchie

  • Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron; do not dry clean.
  • JINSANT silk detergent or Neutral detergent (PH Vaule≈7)     recommended.
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