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Silk Charmeuse Print Tippet

Silk Charmeuse Print Tippet

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A dream trip in winter! City view on a scarf
Its colors and patterns are full of unique charm.
The scarf is in the shape of a rectangle, and the colors are mainly light blue and white, recalling the fresh sky and white snow in winter. The pattern on the scarf depicts the scenery of a city, towering buildings, ancient ships and spectacular Ferris wheels, as if telling a story about the city.
When you wear this scarf, you will feel a different kind of warmth. The light blue scarf is soft as clouds, and the white pattern is delicate and picturesque, making you feel like you are in a dream world. This scarf is not only stylish and versatile, but also very practical. Whether it is with the winter clothes, or as a gift to friends and family, it is a very good choice.

  • 100% grade 6A mulberry silk
  • Print Design
  • Ready To Be Used As A Gift
  • 180*65CM
  • Hand wash




Clothes & Night Cap,Scarf

  • Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron; or dry clean.
  • JINSANT silk detergent recommended

Underwear,Bra & FaceMasks, Eye Masks, Hair Band,Scrunchie

  • Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron; do not dry clean.
  • JINSANT silk detergent or Neutral detergent (PH Vaule≈7)     recommended.
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