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Silk Charmeuse Print Tippet

Silk Charmeuse Print Tippet

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New summer fashion! Orange powder clash, city theme silk scarf is here!
The summer sun is already calling us! In addition to cool ice cream and sweet fruit, there is a new fashion favorite waiting to be explored - our orange and pink silk scarf!
This scarf is like a dream ship in summer, carrying our yearning and expectations for a better life. Its color is so fresh and bright, like the morning sun in summer and the sunset in the evening, it makes people feel happy.
In design, our scarves depict a city landscape - towering Ferris wheels, historic buildings and modern Bridges, as if telling a story about the city. The city is bustling, diverse and vibrant, just like our scarves.
This scarf is made of a delicate, soft silk material that feels comfortable and fits the skin. Silk material also has good permeability and moisture absorption, even in the hot summer will not feel stuffy. The combination of orange and pink is more youthful and energetic, giving people a summer atmosphere.
Orange and pink are all the rage this year! This scarf is not only stylish and versatile, but also very practical. Whether it's with a skirt or pants, it will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • 100% grade 6A mulberry silk
  • Print Design
  • Ready To Be Used As A Gift
  • 180*68CM
  • Hand wash




Clothes & Night Cap,Scarf

  • Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron; or dry clean.
  • JINSANT silk detergent recommended

Underwear,Bra & FaceMasks, Eye Masks, Hair Band,Scrunchie

  • Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron; do not dry clean.
  • JINSANT silk detergent or Neutral detergent (PH Vaule≈7)     recommended.
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