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Silk Twill Print Square Scarf

Silk Twill Print Square Scarf

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 This silk scarf is brightly colored, mainly in orange and brown, so that people can be attracted at a glance. The patterns on the scarves are rich and delicate, and the depictions of horses, carriages and various tack are lifelike, as if we saw the pomp of medieval horse racing. Every time you put it around your neck, it seems that you can feel the lightning at that time, and the blood is boiling.

This scarf is not only unique in design, but also its material and craftsmanship. The use of top mulberry silk, feel smooth, high quality. Every inch reveals the ingenious design concept and meticulous process requirements.

This scarf is very versatile, whether it is worn with formal business clothes or casual everyday wear, it can be easily worn. It is like a magic prop, instantly enhance your temperament and style. In the cold winter around it, it feels like a warm hug, full of security. Let's light up winter with color and warm life with art!


  • 100% grade 6A mulberry silk
  • Print Design
  • Ready To Be Used As A Gift
  • 88*88CM
  • Hand wash


Clothes & Night Cap,Scarf

  • Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron; or dry clean.
  • JINSANT silk detergent recommended

Underwear,Bra & FaceMasks, Eye Masks, Hair Band,Scrunchie

  • Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron; do not dry clean.
  • JINSANT silk detergent or Neutral detergent (PH Vaule≈7)     recommended.
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